Our Services

We are able to offer a complete framing service with a variety of creative  solutions, from a simple framing service for those items you’ve always been meaning to get up on the wall, or for that centrepiece print you’ve invested in to set a room off.With over 30 years experience in picture framing we offer expertise and guidance to achieve the best possible results.

In our time we have been proud to work with a number of nationally acclaimed artists and galleries, which has been the backbone of our business, enhancing our reputation and developing our skills with everything we frame, for every client.

The delight is in the detail

Organising your artwork into the right setting is the most important detail of our service. This includes precision mounting and the choice from a wide-ranging selection of quality mouldings and materials.

You might have a clear idea of what you are looking for, for example a box frame or a gilt frame and we will work with you to find the perfect match, creating exactly what you need. Alternatively, you may want some inspiration to find the perfect setting. A visit to our Newcastle workshop and a chat with our team will bring all the ideas you need- to match your budget as well as your picture!

At Reid Framing we realise that the most important part of a frame is the picture, a well-chosen frame will enhance, not overwhelm an image, and draw the attention seamlessly to the artwork.

Adding the perfect setting to your art…

We offer a fully inclusive, bespoke, framing service. Having had experience with all mediums, from prints and photographs, to original art on canvas, paper and fabric and everything in between, we’ve even framed guitars, pairs of shoes and wedding bouquets, in fact we are always up for a challenge.

in addition to artwork…

Although we’re specialists in artwork framing, we’re experts in all types of mounting and framing, so we also offer:

 –  Certificate framing

 –  Document framing

 –  Limited edition framing (eg: posters, cards, magazines )

 –  Textile framing for special handmade keepsakes

Framing Styles

bare wood frame


textile framing

Object framing

Other Styles on offer

  • Aluminium frames
  • Canvas tray frames

Mounting Styles

float mounting

window mount

Other Styles on offer

  • Medal mount
  • Rear aperture mount


With a range of glazing products from 2mm float glass, which is used as standard on most picture frames, we offer a full range of speciality glass from non-reflective, water white, U.V protection, acrylics reflection control.

With these options there is a glazing solution to suit your picture wherever you want to hang it.